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Milling Capabilities

CTR offers custom remanufacturing and fabrication services. Call, fax, or email us to get a quote for your remanufacturing and fabrication requirements. CTR offers precision trimming, moulding, resawing, gang ripping, and boring services. We have served the lumber industry for over 35 years, meeting and filling customer fabrication and remanufacturing needs.

CNC Routers

Both our Northern California and Baytown, TX plants utilize CNC routers for plywood and FRP precision cutting. Many parts that require high tolerance manufacturing are made on these machines. We can provide drawing services for your unique requirements as well.

Mereen-Johnson #435-H Dado, Bevel, Cross Cut Machine

The Mereen-Johnson trimmer has a capacity of 40,000 BM per 8-hour shift. It will PET and angle cut 2x2 through 6x14. Six saws are operator controlled at a centralized computer station, and a separate arbor can be set for multiple dado cuts. The 435-H also has both vertical and horizontal motors that will accommodate either moulding head or saw blade. This allows for detail horizontal cuts on the end of a board such as T&G end matching or coping.

Hundegger K1 CNC Joinery Machine and Planer

Designed for timber frame structures, the K1 creates complex joinery on timbers up to 16 x 24 and can post plane the product in just one operation. The software converts most CAD programs to readable code or can be programmed at the machine.

4x8 Weinig Hydromat and 6x12 LeaderMac (Unimat)

Our planing mill operates two moulders, including a 6x8 Weinig Hydromat 6-head jointed moulder that processes 200 FPM. CTR inventories templates for most CRA and WPA patterns, including bevel siding, and stock many of the milled to pattern knives. A Cantec top and bottom helical head planer and state of the art gang rip/straight-line ripsaw allows us to process hardwoods as efficiently as softwoods. The Turner Resaw has both tilt and speed controlled in-feed. Custom set works means the size is consistent on each run.

Custom Fabrication for industrial applications

Root Horizontal and Vertical Boring Machine

  • CTR operates five multifunction boring machines for lumber and plywood. The post-line machine can precision end-trim at different locations on the piece and drill horizontally and vertically.

  • Panel saws and high-speed CNC routers give our fabrication shop the flexibility of quick response to process all of your plywood needs.

  • Ideal for large quantity parts that require drilling holes and or counterbores.

Contact us for a quick quote on your project(s). Whether you purchase the wood from us or bring in your own lumber for us to fabricate, CTR is ready to accommodate.

Fabrication and Assembly Services

Experienced Fabricators and Assemblers allow CTR to "Fab-N-Ship". Our infrastructure, efficient processes and extensive capabilities allow us to ship fabricated orders and assemblies quickly - usually within 24 hours! Larger or more complex fabrication and assembly orders take slightly longer, but CTR does its best to ensure limited downtime from pipe saddle assemblies to canopy beam fabrication.

Whether an emergency repair, a scheduled outage, or a new tower, let CTR do the work for you!

We are committed to providing you with the best in quality and service at a competitive price.  Call us today at 800-245-8158 to schedule a tour of our facility

Fax orders to 707-431-8900

Email orders to ctr@ctrindustrials.com

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